New Leaders’ Correspondence Courses (LCC)

Welcome to DeMolay International’s updated Leaders’ Correspondence Courses!
The LCCs will assist in increasing your knowledge about DeMolay, its history and traditions, the role of a member, officer, and adult, how a Chapter should run, operate, and be full of people.

Each Course covers a topic and has true-false, multiple-choice, and fill-in-the-blank questions. They are suitable for any level of a member, Advisor, parents, Mason, and interested youth and adults.

There is NO cost to take the LCCs and NO time limit. You will need your DeMolay ID # for it to be recorded monthly in eScribe. The only reference material required is the current edition of the (DHB) DeMolay Handbook, available for purchase online. Upper Sandusky DeMolay will provide a current DeMolay Handbook for each member and Advisor.

Take each Course from Lesson 1 to 5. As you complete a course, it is graded automatically. By reaching a passing score, you will be notified immediately and receive a personalized Certificate via email within 24 hours. Print it and frame it, show it to the Awards Advisor for your Merit Bar, and post to Social Media about your achievement. If you don’t pass, you will need to retake that course until you pass to move forward.

The system will not remember if you stop in the middle, so once you start a course, you will need to finish that course for your answers to be recorded. After completing all Five Courses, you are eligible to receive the Lamp of Knowledge pin to wear proudly.

Click the button below to begin the new courses. Even if you’ve completed previous versions of the LCCs, you’ll want to test your knowledge against these new and improved quizzes!

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